Structural Rehabilitation

To remain in good operating condition, buildings require regular inspection, maintenance, and repair. The majority of repairs during a building’s service life are minor and a part of planned maintenance. Yet, despite best efforts, structural elements, components, or systems sometimes perform inadequately, deteriorate, or fail. As a result, these structures require specialized structural repair.


SGH uses the combined expertise of past construction practices, material science, and structural analysis and design to diagnose the causes and significance of structural distress, to develop safety measures if required, and to design effective structural solutions to address problems in a timely fashion.

Areas in which clients use SGH for structural repair include:

  • Corrosion and moisture-intrusion deterioration
  • Overstress or fatigue failure of older systems/components exposed to excessive, long-term, and/or cyclic loads
  • Structural failures that result from inadequate design or modifications(changing capacity, bracing conditions, or load path)