Structural Design
Structural Design
We design to achieve complex functional and architectural imperatives within real-world constraints.
Structural Investigation
We identify and communicate accurate findings that withstand the toughest scrutiny.
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Structural Rehabilitation
We diagnose the causes of structural distress, develop safety measures if required, and design repairs.

Building Enclosures

Building Enclosure Design
Building Enclosure Design
We design to integrate complex systems and components for reliable and durable enclosures.
Building Enclosure Investigation
We establish and communicate the cause-and-effect relationships behind performance problems.
Building Enclosure Rehabilitation
We use testing and knowledge of material performance to develop cost-effective repair options.


Materials Design
We evaluate materials and joining processes to meet performance, fabrication, and cost requirements.
Materials Investigation
We apply a fundamental understanding of material science to identify mechanisms of failure.
Materials Rehabilitation
We research and test to assess or extend the useful life of materials and components.