Construction Engineering

Successful construction projects rely on efficient and effective methods. Unfortunately, contractors frequently run into conditions or proposed designs that require extraordinary efforts to accomplish the task at hand. Construction engineering bridges the gap between engineering expertise and real-world constraints to keep projects moving forward.


SGH's construction engineering services include the translation of visual observations and field tests into realistic assessments of conditions, clearly identifying risks and rewards when outlining options, designing structures or repairs, and coordinating with the contractor to develop a practical solution.

SGH uses a multi-disciplinary team of engineers with extensive design, repair, and construction site experience to work with contractors to find efficient solutions. Our assets include:

  • Industry-leading expertise in structural engineering and building technology
  • Experience conducting fast-track designs and repairs on a variety of structures and foundations
  • Capabilities in associated fields, including civil engineering, geotechnical and foundation engineering, concrete technology, marine engineering, materials science, field and laboratory testing, and project management
  • Extensive failure analysis experience leveraged to avoid unpleasant surprises
  • Hands-on approach to understanding means and methods
  • Partnerships with other qualified senior building professionals

Our team delivers all the elements of practical engineering solutions to the contractor and ensures that critical project phases continue to meet budget and schedule goals.