In recent years the number of floor covering failures has increased significantly due to the complexity and moisture sensitivity of modern flooring systems and stricter government regulation of hazardous materials. The new, more environmentally-friendly flooring products can be less durable in the presence of moisture and require careful design and installation to perform properly. Improper design and installation of these sensitive finishes can result in debonding, discoloration, blisters, adhesive re-emulsification, mold growth, and odor generation.


SGH stays on the forefront of the rapidly changing floor covering industry. Our experience includes the investigation of a wide variety of floor covering failures, including issues related to concrete, cementitious underlayments, moisture mitigation coatings, wood, resinous coatings and adhesives, carpet, tile, and sheet materials. We use knowledge gathered from forensic investigation work to prepare effective designs for new and remedial flooring systems, advise clients throughout the design and installation processes, and assist in the development of industry guidelines and standards. 

SGH’s approach to floor investigations and installation consulting draws on our depth of engineering and scientific capabilities including:

  • Integration of experience in waterproofing, building investigations, materials engineering, and concrete to evaluate floor and substrate systems
  • In-house materials and petrography laboratories staffed by scientists and engineers with extensive experience in the analysis of flooring materials
  • Certified International Concrete Repair Institute moisture-testing technicians
  • Moisture-migration modeling, coupled with advanced in-the-field measurement techniques, to simulate real-world conditions and predict long-term performance of flooring systems