Below-Ground Waterproofing

Below-grade waterproofing protects buildings, buried structures, and their contents from damage due to moisture, hydrostatic ponding, and soil-borne chemicals.  To provide this protection, the project team must coordinate the construction of structural elements and management of subsurface groundwater.  Successful design and installation are paramount because once construction is complete and access to the waterproofing exterior is severely limited, repair efforts can result in considerable disruption and cost.


For more than three decades, SGH has been at the forefront of below-grade waterproofing system development.  Through knowledge of materials, foundation and below-ground construction, and waterproofing, SGH has helped to define the industry and continues to play a key role in its development.

In addition to helping building owners evaluate waterproofing design options, we guide other engineers and architects through design and construction-phase decisions that are critical to achieving successful below-grade waterproofing projects.  We also provide field supervision and troubleshooting during construction, especially when construction sequence and coordination problems develop.