Building Enclosure Investigation

Building enclosure problems, such as leakage, deterioration, and physical distress, can result from a wide variety of causes. Investigating building enclosure systems requires a thorough understanding of time-proven design principles and in-depth knowledge of material interaction and capability. SGH applies decades of building technology and structural design experience with proven methods of investigation to identify and resolve building enclosure problems.


We combine our investigative capabilities with in-house lab analyses and in-situ testing to uncover the sources, not just the symptoms, of leakage. We have experience with all types of building enclosure components, systems, and materials and a thorough understanding of how to integrate these elements to create a durable weatherproofing system. With investigation and analysis, SGH establishes the cause-and-effect relationship between performance problems and defects in order to repair the building enclosure effectively and efficiently.

SGH investigations may include:

  • Review of contract documents and other background information
  • Hands-on field examination and testing for air and water leakage, moisture content, and material performance
  • Laboratory analyses of samples from the building
  • Identification of deficiencies in design, workmanship, materials and/or maintenance, and their contribution to the building problems
  • Supporting structural, energy, and material analyses
  • Evaluation of sustainability and durability
  • Concise written reports of findings and conclusions
  • Recommendations for remedial work