A successful hospitality project hinges on occupant comfort and satisfaction.  With a combination of building enclosure, structural, and fire and life safety engineering, SGH can help the project team achieve their aesthetic vision and meet the desired performance expectations.

SGH understands that hospitality projects can include features and conditions that other projects may not.  We apply insight learned during investigations of hotels, resorts, and other structures to our design and rehabilitation projects for the hospitality industry.  Our services may include the following:

  • Structural integration and environmental separation for mixed uses within a single facility

  • Design and evaluation of long-span structures for conference centers, casinos, swimming pools, banquet rooms, and lobbies

  • Creative fireproofing design for architecturally-exposed structural elements, such as long-span roofs

  • Recommendations for structural options to reduce sound transmission between adjacent guest rooms, between the interior and exterior, and between assembly rooms and guest rooms

  • Assessment of vibration from dance floors and mechanical equipment

  • Structural design of monumental stairs and pedestrian bridges where the structural design plays an integral role in the resulting aesthetics

  • Structural and enclosure design and evaluation for interior pools to mitigate condensation and assess system durability in a chlorinated environment

  • Design, investigation, and rehabilitation of parking structures

  • Evaluation of transparent materials, such as structural glass, ETFE, and acrylic

  • Development of transition details between adjacent structures and between varying building enclosure systems

  • Assistance with the selection and detailing of building enclosure systems and components for both new construction and renovation projects

  • Condition assessments and preservation of existing materials along with evaluation and laboratory testing of new materials

  • Design and evaluation of the wall assembly, which is often covered with wallpaper, with an understanding of air and vapor transmission

  • Building enclosure design and investigation related to packaged terminal air conditioners

  • Evaluation of fire and life safety considering the varying occupancies within a hospitality facility

  • Consultation for LEED and sustainable design, including material selection and energy modeling

On each hospitality project, SGH seeks to understand the client’s goals for their guests’ experience and offers a wide range of engineering services to help the project team successfully achieve those goals.