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Wilshire Grand Center


At 1,100 ft in height, Wilshire Grand Center is one of the tallest buildings west of the Mississippi River. The tower houses below-grade parking, ground-level retail, eighteen floors of leasable office space, and 890 rooms for the InterContinental Hotel. SGH provided fire life safety consulting services for the project.

SGH provided a range of fire life safety consulting services from design through construction.

Performance & Code Consulting. SGH evaluated code compliance and developed fire life safety solutions, including means of egress and fire compartmentalization. We also helped the team address the exceptional height of the building and the signature atrium at the entrance lobby.

Structural Fire Engineering. By conducting performance-based analyses to evaluate the effect of fires on the building’s structural systems, SGH was able to demonstrate an adequate level of safety for this complex.

Inspection Services. SGH acted as the deputy inspector of the smoke control systems for the city. Highlights of this work include the following:

  • Reviewed the architectural, MEP, sprinkler, and fire alarm shop drawings for general compliance with the rational analysis of the smoke control report and to highlight potential coordination issues related to the interface between these disciplines and the smoke control systems
  • Developed a smoke control systems testing program and witnessed testing, including functional testing of alarm-initiating devices and smoke control system components, pressure differential testing across smoke barriers and at pressurized stairwells, and door leakage testing
  • Prepared a smoke control systems acceptance report documenting the results of the testing in accordance with LABC Section 909 and approved design documents

Construction Phase Services. SGH provided code consulting services to address construction issues associated with the tower’s fire life safety systems.

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