Pulte Homes
Pulte Homes
Pulte Homes

Pulte Home Corporation (Pulte) builds residences throughout the United States. Their projects range from multi-family buildings to single-family homes. SGH assisted Pulte by peer reviewing their waterproofing design and providing construction administration services for multiple developments in Northern and Southern California.

Scope | Solutions

SGH collaborated with Pulte on their high-density residential communities primarily comprising low-rise, wood-framed structures. Each development varies in configuration and appearance. Highlights of our work include the following.

  • Coordinated with the architect of record, which varied for each project

  • Peer reviewed the architects’ proposed design for the roofing, wall assemblies, decks, and waterproofing, and recommended ways to improve the enclosure performance

  • Performed building science analyses of wall assemblies to determine the most appropriate materials, considering cost and performance requirements

  • Helped the architect develop details for integrating the various waterproofing systems

  • Worked with Pulte to evaluate and establish their building and material standards

  • Reviewed waterproofing submittals to compare with the project requirements

  • Visited the sites to observe construction, compare the as-built construction with the design intent, and help resolve field conditions

  • Conducted quality control field testing to evaluate the performance of windows and deck assemblies in the finished configuration

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