Berkeley, CA

University of California, College of Engineering


In response to a mandate from the Office of the President, Berkeley and the other University of California locations need to assign risk ratings to all campus buildings per the university’s seismic policy and assure that all occupied buildings comply with the mandate by 2030. As part of this effort, SGH performed ASCE 41 Tier 1 and Tier 2 evaluations to support a facilities master plan for the College of Engineering.

SGH performed Tier 1 evaluations of Etcheverry and Soda Halls, along with the Bechtel Engineering Center. We also performed Tier 2 evaluations of Cory and Davis Halls. The buildings are reinforced concrete and steel structures constructed between 1950 and 1995 and range in height from two to seven stories. We visited the buildings to document the condition of structural elements and seismic bracing for nonstructural components. Based on the findings of our assessments, we developed conceptual seismic retrofit sketches for these buildings and documented our work in a report for each building.

Following SGH’s Tier 1 evaluation of Bechtel Engineering Center, we were retained to perform a Tier 2 evaluation and develop a conceptual design for adding a pavilion atop the existing building constructed in 1980. Our work included the following:

  • Evaluating the existing structure
  • Developing a conceptual structural design for the gravity and lateral force-resisting systems for the proposed pavilion addition
  • Evaluating the existing structure with the new addition
  • Preparing sketches of a conceptual retrofit scope for the structure’s gravity and lateral force-resisting systems to support the pavilion’s additional weight and also meet selected seismic performance criteria

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Ronald Hamburger
Ronald Hamburger
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