Long Island City, NY



Created by Ohad Meromi from cast silicon bronze and painted bright pink, the Sunbather enlivens Jackson Avenue in Long Island City. The artwork was commissioned by New York City’s Department of Cultural Affairs’ Percent for Art program, Department of Transportation, and Economic Development Corporation. SGH consulted on the sculpture’s structural design.

SGH evaluated the Sunbather’s thin-shelled structure for overall stability, strength, and deflections. Highlights of our work include the following:

  • Used a three-dimensional scan of a scale model to create and discretize a surface appropriate for our finite element analysis software
  • Determined the applicable loads on the 9 ft tall sculpture, including the self-weight of the 1/4 in. thick bronze casting, snow, wind, ice, and people
  • Collaborated with the New York Art Foundry to obtain material properties, such as material yield point, behavior at welded joints, and fatigue resistance
  • Designed the stainless steel anchor rods and baseplates in coordination with the engineer at the local department of transportation for the reinforced concrete base
  • Provided stamped structural drawings for permitting

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Mr. Ohad Meromi

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Paul Kassabian
Paul Kassabian