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Founded in 2019 by Lonti Ebers, an art collector and trustee of the Museum of Modern Art, Amant is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering creative works by providing resources and residencies to artists from all over the world. The foundation was established on a new three-building art campus designed by SO-IL with an industrial style and low-rise scale that nods to the traditional character of its Williamsburg neighborhood. SGH consulted on the building enclosure design for two new buildings, and the renovation and reclad of an existing building.

SGH consulted on the design of foundation and below-grade waterproofing, facade waterproofing for the primarily textured concrete and brick-clad wall systems, windows, doors, curtain walls, storefronts, skylights, terrace waterproofing, and roofing. Highlights of our work include:

  • Reviewing the design for airtightness, watertightness, thermal performance, condensation resistance, and constructability
  • Helping develop details to provide waterproofing continuity and integrate the various enclosure systems with each other
  • Consulting on the design, including thermal waterproofing, and placement strategies for the exposed concrete facade on one of the buildings
  • Evaluating the enclosure design’s compliance with the energy code
  • Performing thermal analyses of exposed concrete facade and its intersection with the concrete slab edges to demonstrate energy code compliance
  • Providing construction phase services, including reviewing related submittals, visiting the site to observe ongoing work, and helping the project team address field conditions

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Sean O'Brien
Sean O'Brien
Building Technology Division Head, New York
Erin Regan
Erin Regan
Senior Consulting Engineer