Martinez, CA

Mooring Hook Upgrades


SGH was the engineer of record for the anchorage design and construction planning associated with the installation of new, quick-release mooring hook assemblies at several marine oil terminals in California.  For these projects, we developed MOTEMS-compliant upgrade schemes to replace old or outmoded moorings with new, multiple hook assemblies.

SGH developed construction plans and anchorage designs for numerous mooring hook installations for concrete and steel supporting structures.  We worked closely with the terminal operators and state regulators to develop designs that accomplished operational desires, satisfy regulatory requirements,  limit the impact on terminal operations, and minimize the need to strengthen the existing supporting structures.

Highlights of our work include the following:

  • Design of anchorage for mooring hook assemblies
  • Adequacy assessments of supporting structures
  • Development of MOTEMS-compliant Terminal Operating Limits (TOLs)
  • Development of anchorage hardware testing protocols
  • Development of tension monitoring alarm settings
  • Coordination with mooring hook manufacturer
  • Coordination with marine construction contractor

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Key team members

Gayle  Johnson
Gayle Johnson
Senior Principal
William Bruin
William Bruin
Structural Engineering Division Head, San Francisco Bay Area