San Diego, CA

U.S. Navy P-405 Bachelor Enlisted Quarters Parking Garage


The P-405 project consists of a multi-story Bachelor Enlisted Quarters and multi-story parking structure at Naval Base San Diego. The parking structure provides 800 parking spaces in six stories, including one at-grade level and five elevated levels.

SGH provided structural engineering and functional design services for the parking structure. Fennie+Mehl Architects, under contract to SGH, provided architectural design services. The work of the SGH team included:

  • Architectural design of the stair towers, elevator towers, and exterior treatment of the concrete spandrel beams
  • Striping layout of standard and handicap-accessible parking space locations in accordance with code requirements
  • Layout of stair and elevators
  • Structural design of auger-cast pile foundations, post-tensioned concrete slabs and beams, reinforced concrete columns, and special reinforced concrete moment-resisting frames
  • Preparation of a structural calculation package to document the design, including compliance with Unified Facilities
  • Criteria requirements for resistance to progressive collapse

Project Summary



Completion Date
New Construction
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Penick Nordic Joint Venture
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Key team members

Sal Capobianco
Sal Capobianco
Senior Principal
Michael Tecci
Michael Tecci
Associate Principal