Livingston, TX

Lake Livingston Hydroelectric Plant


East Texas Electric Cooperative (ETEC) commissioned construction of a new hydroelectric plant at the site of the fifty-year-old Lake Livingston Dam, an approximately 2.5 mi earthen embankment that impounds a water supply reservoir. The project included constructing an intake structure at the embankment, three reinforced concrete penstocks, and a powerhouse on the downstream side of the existing spillway and along the Trinity River. SGH provided engineering services during construction of the hydroelectric plant and continues to serve as the chief dam safety engineer, as required by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

During construction of the hydroelectric plant, SGH helped the project team address challenges associated with installing a sheet-pile cofferdam through fine-to-medium, submerged sand stratum, high water flows from the spillway that interrupted construction, and groundwater seepage along the penstock.

As chief dam safety engineer, SGH performed tasks associated with analyzing the dam and reporting findings related to the dam and construction of the hydroelectric plant. Highlights of our work include the following:

  • Performing stability analyses for the earthen embankment, concrete spillway, and overflow structures, considering seepage through the embankment and effectiveness of the active underdrain system
  • Facilitating communication between the stakeholders, including ETEC, FERC, and Trinity River Authority (the dam owner and operator)
  • Inspecting the facility periodically and performing annual audits
  • Updating the owner’s dam safety program and coordinating safety training for the dam personnel
  • Providing reports on facility safety and compliance
  • Reviewing and evaluating surveillance and monitoring data recorded during construction

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Scott DiFiore
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