Glen Rose, TX

Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant, Units 3 & 4


SGH designed several Seismic Category I structures at the Comanche Peak nuclear facility for preparation of Combined Operating License Application (COLA). These reinforced concrete structures include the ultimate heat sinks (UHS), power source fuel storage vaults (PSFSV), and essential services water pipe tunnels (ESWPT). SGH analyzed the original structural configuration and seismic input, and reanalyzed and designed them four years later with revised geometry and loading.

To ensure adequate strength and stability during applied loads in accordance with the applicable codes and standards, SGH modeled and analyzed for:

  • Seismic soil-structure interaction effects (using SASSI) considering:
  • Seismic structure-soil-structure interaction effects
    • Groundwater elevation differences
    • Soil separation
    • Various UHS basin water levels
  • Fluid-structure interaction effects
  • Static loadings and load combinations
  • Tornado effects, including wind pressure, atmospheric pressure drop, and missiles
  • Construction loading such as vehicle surcharge and wall backfill scenarios
  • Sliding and overturning

In addition, SGH:

  • Performed a structural design evaluation to determine required reinforcement
  • Generated in-structure response spectra (ISRS) for use in equipment and utility design
  • Collaborated with URS to prepare the COLA
  • Supported development of responses to NRC requests for additional information (RAIs)

Project Summary



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New Construction
Structures | Advanced Analysis
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Key team members

Said Bolourchi
Said Bolourchi
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