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Brandon Shores Power Plant


Brandon Shores Power Plant (BSPP) has a proactive inspection and repair program for circulating water and service water pipelines, including prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP), steel pipe, ductile iron pipe, and others with diameters ranging from 16 in. to 102 in. Over the years, SGH assisted BSPP on several projects by performing condition assessments, designing internal and external repairs for pipes, and providing field engineering services during repairs.

Our work on the BSPP pipelines have included the following:

  • Performing condition assessments of distressed pipes, analyzing failure risk, and prioritizing repairs to optimize available resources for pipe repairs during outages
  • Evaluating existing repairs and recommending maintenance or repairs
  • Designing and developing drawings and specifications for new repairs, including internal and external carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) repairs, external post-tensioning, and concrete encasement
  • Assisting with soliciting and reviewing contractor bids
  • Reviewing submittals prepared by repair contractors
  • Providing full-time field engineering support during repair projects

Highlights of our construction engineering services include the following:

  • Inspecting repair work through various stages, including pipe surface preparation, material preparation, installation of the liner, and curing
  • Documenting repair procedures and installation conditions
  • Witnessing pull-off tests performed by the contractor on mockup areas
  • Performing tension tests of CFRP witness panels in our laboratory
  • Performing degree of cure tests on epoxy samples collected from CFRP repairs to verify adequate curing prior to placing the pipeline back in service

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Murat Engindeniz
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Rasko Ojdrovic
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Mehdi Zarghamee
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