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Boardwalk Hall


Constructed in 1929, Boardwalk Hall has hosted many legendary entertainment icons and events. In 2002, following a major renovation, the venue installed an aluminum truss assembly to support rigging for show or event equipment. While hoisting show equipment on 9 August 2003, the truss assembly failed. SGH investigated the causes of the failure.

SGH investigated the causes of failure of the aluminum truss assembly that was suspended from the building structure. As part of our investigation, we documented the failed structure, the location of supported loads at the time of collapse, and the means by which the loads were supported from the grid. We completed a structural analysis of the truss assembly considering the estimated weight of the grid and the supported loads.

Based our investigation and subsequent analysis, SGH determined that the failure initiated within the top chord member of one of the four main trusses. We concluded that the built-up top chord, which consisted of two aluminum channels, buckled under the applied loading.

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