Roslyn Harbor, NY

Cedarmere Mill


Cedarmere was named by William Cullen Bryant, who purchased the forty-acre property in 1843. Bryant constructed the mill in 1862 in the Gothic Revival style. Page Ayres Cowley Architecture was leading a major restoration to the mill and observed sagging roof rafters around an infilled skylight and a deteriorated valley rafter. SGH evaluated the existing roof framing conditions and helped develop structural strengthening.

Highlights of our work include the following:

  • Reviewing available documents to understand the planned work and the existing conditions
  • Visiting the site to document the roof framing
  • Analyzing the roof structure, including the effects of the chimney leaning on the roof framing
  • Developing details to strengthen the sagging rafters around the skylight, supplement the deteriorated valley rafter, and reinforce the existing roof truss connections
  • Designing repairs for existing masonry walls
  • Collaborating with the architecture team to develop details that would provide the necessary structural capacity, while retaining as much of the historic fabric as possible

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Key team members

Kevin Poulin
Kevin Poulin