Jacksonville, FL

Apartment Complex


The apartment complex, containing over 300 units in seven interconnected buildings, experienced sagging and settling of elevated walkways and balconies shortly after construction. SGH investigated the causes of distress in the wood-framed buildings clad with cement plaster (stucco).

SGH conducted a field investigation to document the extent of damage and evaluate the as-built construction. We concluded water leakage through balcony and walkway waterproofing, windows, and stucco-clad walls led to extensive and rapid structural damage to the wood framing. Highlights of our work include the following:

  • Determined the balconies and walkways posed an imminent safety hazard and directed prompt installation of temporary shoring to stabilize these elements until permanent repairs could be designed and implemented
  • Prepared design documents for reconstructing the balconies and walkways and for replacing the waterproofing, stucco, and windows
  • Collaborated with the contractor to assess damage as it was exposed during the reconstruction process
  • Provided construction administration services, including observing repairs and testing the reconstructed work
  • Presented expert testimony on behalf of the building owner to support them in settling claims and recovering repair costs

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Key team members

Eric Olson
Eric Olson
Dean Rutila
Dean Rutila
Building Technology Division Head, Houston, and Safety Director