San Francisco, CA

2690 Jackson Street


2690 Jackson Street is a three-story wood-framed structure with a basement, originally constructed in the 1920s and renovated several times in subsequent decades. Higher Ground Education had leased the building and planned to open a Montessori school in the building, making it subject to the requirements of an ordinance adopted by the City of San Francisco in 2014 mandating seismic assessments for private school buildings. SGH performed the assessment and subsequently designed structural strengthening as part of a renovation project.

SGH performed a Tier 1 seismic assessment of the structure and prepared a Scope Report Form for submission to the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection.

Expanding on our understanding of the structure, we performed additional assessment work and designed structural strengthening to help Higher Ground Education accomplish renovations that included removing a wall between two second floor classrooms and converting the existing roof space into an occupiable terrace. SGH analyzed the existing framing to understand the gravity and lateral loads supported by the wall and  designed wall anchorage and sheathing at other existing walls to address the seismic requirements resulting from its removal.

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Rosemarie McClure
Rosemarie McClure
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