EIFS - Principles and Considerations

November 20, 2017
Author(s): Eric Olson

exterior insulation and finish systemExterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) is a non‑load‑bearing cladding system commonly used for insulating and weatherproofing building facades. EIFS utilizes a rigid board‑type insulation adhered or fastened to masonry or stud-framed walls. A hard, thin, mesh‑reinforced layer of cement or acrylic-based material (the base coat) is applied over the rigid insulation, followed by a textured finish (the finish coat). Together, the reinforced base and finish coats are referred to as “lamina.” Due to its stucco-like appearance, EIFS is sometimes called “synthetic stucco.” However, EIFS is quite different from traditional, portland cement plaster-based stucco. Read the full topic brief.