Evaluation of the lateral load-resisting system of a stadium structure

August 30, 2012

This paper describes an evaluation of the lateral load-resisting system of an existing monolithic, cast-in-place, reinforced concrete (RC) stadium structure completed in the early 1930s. A major renovation/expansion of the stadium completed in the 1990s included modifications of some of the original exterior infill masonry wall, including removal of masonry and enlargement of existing openings. A preliminary study raised concerns about the impact of these modifications on the lateral load resistance of the stadium structure. A new study, which consisted of an evaluation of the structure’s performance using in situ lateral load testing of the structure, numerical analyses, and monitoring of the actual stadium-sway movements during football games, was undertaken in 2006 to determine the adequacy of the lateral load resisting system of the stadium. The results of this study, which are reported in this paper, demonstrate that the masonry modifications made during the renovations/expansion of the stadium did not impair the structure’s resistance to code-prescribed lateral loads and that no major structural repairs were required.

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Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities – ASCE

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