Combination Wall Systems for Terminal Repair

September 22, 2022
Combination Wall Systems for Terminal Repair

The long-term operation of existing oil transfer terminals along waterways relies heavily on the soils below. Historically, sheet piles are driven directly into the subgrade to stabilize shoreline structures; however, dolomite is shallow and strong in the Chicagoland area and often inhibits traditional driving of sheet piles. By encapsulating an existing terminal perimeter with a combination king pile/sheet pile wall system, a new offset structure can be independent of the existing dock, and the wall can fully develop its strength from rock socket embedment. This approach also minimizes dock outage time during rehabilitation and leaves the existing terminal structure to remain beneath the new working platform. Although combination wall systems are more expensive and more challenging to install compared to traditional sheet pile walls, they are more feasible and offer greater flexibility at strong rock sites.

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