Seattle Heights

Seattle Heights is a 26 story, EIFS-clad condominium building with four levels of below-grade parking.   Shorty after construction, occupants experienced water leakage, excessive air infiltration, and apparent mold growth.  SGH investigated causes and consequences of the building’s problems and designed repairs.

Scope | Solutions

The condominium building features a exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) facade with aluminum-framed windows and sliding glass doors that open onto private balconies.  Three landscaped, terraced roofs cover residential units at the lower floors.  For our investigation of the building enclosure, SGH:

  • Performed investigations to determine problems causing leaks
  • Identified defects in the design and construction of the windows, doors, balconies, and EIFS cladding
  • Assisted homeowners through the litigation process to recover costs to repair construction defects
  • Prepared construction documents for the repair of the building enclosure, including replacement of terraced roofs, new windows and doors, a new window and balcony deck flashing system integrated with a drainable, double-sealant joint system, and monitored the contractors’ performance during the reconstruction work

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