New Marine Terminal
New Marine Terminal
New Marine Terminal

Originally built in the 1950s, the timber terminal was becoming increasingly costly to maintain and was no longer considered fit-for-purpose for seismic and berthing requirements.  Instead of embarking on an incremental improvement program, the terminal owner sought to build a new steel wharf over the existing, while maintaining operability through construction.  SGH prepared conceptual designs and developed design criteria for replacement of the entire marine terminal. 

Scope | Solutions

SGH acted as the owner’s engineer throughout the design/build project and represented the owner for permitting reviews.  We worked closely with terminal staff and marine contractors to complete the following:

  • Investigated the appropriateness of a variety of different construction materials and techniques
  • Developed conceptual designs and established the project design criteria
  • Performed risk assessments of the design considering topics, such as sea-level rise, flooding, fire/explosion, and accidental overpressures
  • Evaluated construction sequencing options
  • Assisted the owner in the selection of a design/build contractor
  • Performed independent design verification and assessed compliance with the design criteria over the course of final design and construction
  • Researched permitting compliance requirements and provided technical guidance and support through the complex permitting process

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