Maine Medical Center, Women and Infants Birthing Center

Portland, ME

Market: Health Care



SGH provided structural engineering services for several new buildings at Maine Medical Center.  The project began with a new Women and Infants Birthing Center and led to additional phases of work, including a new parking garage, central utility plant, main lobby and lobby connectors, two-story pedestrian bridge, and a helipad located on the roof of an existing parking garage. 

Scope | Solutions

Highlights of our work on the various structures include the following:

  • Women and Infants Birthing Center.  SGH designed the structure for the new four-story, 200,000 sq ft Women and Infants Birthing Center to accommodate a future two-story, vertical expansion.  We designed a structural steel superstructure with a welded moment frame lateral-load-resisting system that bears on cast-in-place concrete foundation walls around the two below-grade basement levels.
  • Parking Structure.  The new parking garage is a 220,000 sq ft, eight-story precast concrete structure built into a steep hillside, requiring a 50 ft permanent earth-retention system.  SGH provided a design review and recommended modifications to the 50 ft permanent earth-retention system that allowed the precast concrete garage to be designed as if it were located on a flat site.
  • Central Utility Plant.  SGH designed the new two-story central utility plant with considerations for a future two-story vertical expansion and also designed a temporary earth retention system to facilitate construction into a steep hill.  We designed foundation walls, interior concrete shear walls, and steel braced frames, which serve as the building’s lateral-force-resisting system and the permanent earth-retention system.
  • Helipad.  SGH designed the structures and access bridge on the roof of the existing parking garage to accommodate a helipad, which raised the hospital’s level of care to a Trauma One center.

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