Idaho National Laboratory (INL) Analytical Laboratory (ALAB)

Idaho Falls, ID

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Idaho National Laboratory (INL) Analytical Laboratory (ALAB)
Idaho National Laboratory (INL) Analytical Laboratory (ALAB)
Idaho National Laboratory (INL) Analytical Laboratory (ALAB)

The one-story Analytical Laboratory building is located on the Materials and Fuels Complex at Idaho National Laboratory (INL).  The building is a concrete and masonry structure with a high bay that houses an overhead crane.  INL was concerned about meeting Performance Category 2 (PC-2) requirements for the Analytical Laboratory.  SGH evaluated the facility and designed modifications, applying structural, building technology, and civil engineering capabilities to meet new requirements.

Scope | Solutions

Our work for this project included the following:

  • Structural evaluation and upgrade design of the Analytical Laboratory for PC-2/Seismic Design Category 2B (SDC-2B) compliance.  Upgrades include the following:
    • Roof structure above the existing laboratory roof
    • Roof bracing and anchorage above the existing crane bay
    • Exterior strong backs to support walls and resist wind uplift
    • Basement wall bracing to resist soil loads
    • Exhaust stack upgrades designed for static and dynamic wind effects
    • Removable hot cell door restraints for seismic resistance
  • Fire protection and weatherproofing design at new roof and new structural components
  • Civil design of lightweight fill, drainage, and asphalt pavement to reduce lateral soil pressures
  • Preparation of calculations, design drawings, and specifications that were independently reviewed and accepted
  • Development of three-dimensional visualization to aid work planning and coordination with laboratory operations
  • Construction administration and contractor support

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