Fort Lauderdale, FL

Keywords: Cracking, Hotel, Settlement
Hotel Fort Lauderdale
Hotel Fort Lauderdale
Hotel Fort Lauderdale

The hotel is an eight-story, cast-in-place reinforced concrete structure. While installing storefront at the lower level, the construction team observed that framing would not fit within the intended story height and surmised that building settlement led to out-of-level floor slabs. SGH provided geotechnical engineering and structural engineering services to investigate the alleged settlement and help with dispute resolution proceedings.

Scope | Solutions

SGH visited the site to investigate the existing conditions and document distress. We also interviewed project team members and reviewed relevant project information, including geotechnical reports, installation logs, design and construction documents, survey data, and investigative reports by others. We recommended additional level surveys to better understand the state of the building at every story following the alleged settlement.

Based on the available information combined with supplemental survey results, we determined that the data did not corroborate conclusions presented by others that settlement was the sole cause of the building alignment and levelness issues. SGH presented alternative hypotheses for the resulting slab profiles and concluded construction tolerance of slab placements likely played a role in the building levelness issues.

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