Homestead Hills Development
Homestead Hills Development

The Homestead Hills development comprises 178 one- and two-story, wood-framed homes constructed between 2005 and 2010. Shortly after construction, homeowners reported cracked drywall, displaced concrete flatwork, and deflected and damaged flooring. SGH investigated the cause of distress and opined on the appropriateness of proposed repairs.

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SGH conducted independent structural analyses to determine the applied bearing pressure on the soil and to evaluate the adequacy of the as-built structural system to resist the applied loads. We determined that most of the distress was caused by differential settlement, resulting from inadequate remediation of the expansive soils native to the site. 

We also evaluated the contractor’s proposed repairs and substantiated that they were reasonable and appropriate, given the cause of distress.

SGH provided expert testimony on behalf of the developer, helping the associated parties reach resolution.

This project was completed in collaboration with F Cox Castle & Nicholson, LLP (attorney), Taylor Morrison (developer), and Fay Engineering (engineering consultant).

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