Drexel University, Korman Center

Philadelphia, PA


2019 Merit Award for Excellence in Architecture for Building Additions, Renovation or Adaptive Reuse, Society for College and University Planning
Drexel University, Korman Center
Drexel University, Korman Center
Drexel University, Korman Center

The Korman Center originally opened as the University Library in 1959, but was converted to multi-purpose space in the 1980s and currently houses campus technical support, a student study lounge, and offices. Drexel University wanted to reinvent and expand the center and undertook a project to renovate the building and construct a new 3,500 sq ft addition that features a curtain wall facade with exterior sunshades. SGH provided building enclosure consulting services for the project and also served as engineer of record for the roof replacement.

Scope | Solutions

Highlights of our work include the following:

  • Investigating the condition of the existing brick-clad walls with marble spandrel panels and aluminum-framed fenestration and recommending repair options

  • Helping select the curtain wall system for the new addition and peer reviewing the design, including transitions to the adjacent existing building

  • Designing the roofing replacement for the existing low-slope roof, including details where the roofing meets the new addition, and preparing construction drawings and specifications

  • Providing construction-phase services for the addition’s curtain wall and the replacement roofing, including reviewing submittals and shop drawings, and visiting the site to observe installation

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