Crom Corporation, Elevated Prestressed Concrete Water Tanks

Frankfort, KY


Elevated Prestressed Concrete Water Tanks
Elevated Prestressed Concrete Water Tanks

Since the early 1980s, SGH has worked with Crom Corporation to assist them in their tank designs. Crom is one of the largest manufacturers of prestressed concrete tanks in the United States. The elevated tanks, with a capacity of between 1.5 MG and 2.0 MG, are thin prestressed concrete shell structures.

Scope | Solutions

The engineering challenges include the structural and foundation design, and the prestressing effects on the weight of the tank and the stored water.

Highlights of SGH's work for Crom include the following:

  • Developed the preliminary design, accounting for several factors:
    • The effects of the tank weight on the structure
    • Prestressing to prevent tensile stresses in the thin shell components
    • Overturning resistance of the foundation
  • Performed finite element analyses, including dynamic fluid-structure interaction resulting from wind and seismic loads
  • Reviewed prestressing plans for placement and adequate strength

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