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Ordinance 9-9.12 has the following requirements:

  • Scope: all buildings over 70 ft high must be inspected for unsafe condition, movement, significant deterioration, and water tightness (single and multiple family dwellings excluded)
  • Frequency: once every five years for occupied buildings and once per year for unoccupied buildings
  • Inspector: Massachusetts registered architect or engineer
  • Report: written report prepared by the inspector documenting the condition of the exterior walls and filed with the City
  • Consequence: owners of occupied structures without an exterior wall certificate are subject to a fine of $100 per day

During these projects, SGH generally performs the following activities:

  • Review plans and specifications for general understanding and to help focus survey to problem areas
  • Use binoculars to scan walls for large-scale problems
  • Conduct a hands-on inspection of representative areas on each face of the facade
  • Sound materials to evaluate internal cohesion and pulled on adhered materials to evaluate attachment
  • Survey interior areas for signs of water damage and interview maintenance personnel on leakage history 

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