China Basin Landing, 185 Berry Street

San Francisco, CA

Market: Office




2009 Unbuilt Architecture Design Award, BSA
2009 President's Award for Excellence in Structural Engineering, IDEAS^2 Awards, American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC)
2008 Top 25 Newsmakers (John Sumnicht), ENR
2008 Excellence in Structural Engineering Award, Structural Engineering Association of Northern California (SEAONC)
2008 Excellence in Structural Engineering Award Finalist, National Council of Structural Engineers Associations (NCSEA)
2008 Building Team Award, Special Recognition, Building Design and Construction magazine
2008 Best of Northern California, Adaptive Reuse category, California Construction Magazine
2008 Award of Excellence in Structural Engineering, Retrofit/Alterations, First Place, SEAONC
China Basin Landing, 185 Berry Street
China Basin Landing, 185 Berry Street
China Basin Landing, 185 Berry Street

The client wanted to expand their three-story 300,000 sq ft office building at 185 Berry Street. The existing structure could only accommodate a one-story, 50,000 sq ft vertical addition without further retrofit. By applying base isolation technology, SGH developed an innovative solution that added two stories and 150,000 sq ft to the reinforced concrete structure. China Basin Landing is the first building in the U.S. to have a base-isolated addition on top of an existing building.

Scope | Solutions

The original structure was designed in 1988 to the requirements of the 1984 San Francisco Building Code. Highlights of SGH's design include the following:

  • Specified base isolators at the plane of the existing roof to provide a mass damping effect that reduces the seismic demand in the existing structure eliminating the need for invasive and extensive strengthening in the occupied building
  • Developed project-specific design criteria that involved using nonlinear dynamic analytical methods and benchmarking structural performance against laboratory test data, which was subjected to rigorous peer review by the City of San Francisco
  • Consulted on building enclosure waterproofing and integration of waterproofing with the structure

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