Capital One Cafe, Hyde Park

Chicago, IL

Capital One Cafe, Hyde Park
Capital One Cafe, Hyde Park
Capital One Cafe, Hyde Park

With its new cafés, Capital One offers banking services in a fun, community coffee shop setting. The design for the Hyde Park café brings this experience to Chicago’s South Side along the rejuvenated 53rd Street corridor. The project includes a 4,500 sq ft renovation in an existing early-1900s masonry and timber-framed building clad with white and green glazed brick and terra cotta. SGH was the structural engineer of record for the project.

Scope | Solutions

Highlights of our work include the following:

  • Evaluating the existing floor framing for new ATMs and temporary construction loads

  • Designing new steel framing to support a new moving glass partition and at openings in existing masonry walls for large bifold windows and doors

  • Providing conceptual shoring details for removing an existing masonry wall

  • Performing water testing to identify sources for water leakage through the masonry wall systems and to confirm the effectiveness of completed repairs

  • Designing new steel anchors and lintels to support salvaged terra cotta moulding between the new bifold windows and existing ribbon windows

  • Strengthening timber framing for new floor drain openings

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