455 W. 19th Street
455 W. 19th Street
455 W. 19th Street

ABI Chelsea is a modern condominium building in West Chelsea. The project adds eight stories onto an existing single-story structure repurposed to house art galleries on the first floor and below grade. The building features a striated facade and offers residents private balconies and terraces along with a common landscaped roof deck. SGH was the structural engineer of record, provided construction engineering services, and consulted on the building enclosure design for the project.

Scope | Solutions

SGH designed the cast-in-place concrete structure, including flat-plate slabs, shear walls, and the pile-supported mat foundation, and provided construction engineering services. Highlights of our work include the following:

  • Designing a steel corbel system to cantilever over the secant pile wall to support ten-story concrete columns at the building’s property line

  • Surveying adjacent properties to document conditions prior to construction and identify areas susceptible to damage from construction operations, including excavation, underpinning, concrete placement, and steel erection

  • Monitoring vibrations and certain pre-existing conditions at eleven properties within 90 ft of the project site

  • Evaluating the structure to support a rooftop water tank

  • Designing secondary steel framing to support precast concrete facade panels and windows for out-of-plane lateral loads and detailing connections between the secondary steel and the concrete slabs

  • Analyzing the foundation for loads imposed by a crane on the sidewalk

  • We also consulted on the design and helped select systems for foundation, below-grade, wall, and terrace waterproofing; fenestration/curtain walls; and roofing. Highlights of our work include the following:

  • Developing details to integrate systems and create facade setbacks/projections

  • Analyzing heat and moisture migration through the primary wall, roof, and window wall/curtain wall systems

  • Reviewing concepts and shop drawings for prefabricated facade elements

  • Evaluating energy code compliance

SGH provided structural and building enclosure construction-phase services, including reviewing contractor submittals, visiting the site to observe ongoing work, and helping address field conditions.

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