499 Illinois Street

San Francisco, CA

Market: Mixed-Use


DGA planning | architecture | interiors


499 Illinois Street
499 Illinois Street
499 Illinois Street

The 499 Illinois Street project in Mission Bay is a 500,000 sq ft biotechnology center in two buildings with laboratory, office, retail, and parking. SGH provided structural and building enclosure engineering services for the project that consists of two five-story buildings over two levels of parking with flanking retail and office spaces at grade level.

Scope | Solutions

Highlights of SGH’s work for this project include the following:

  • Developed an innovative foundation system incorporating steel H-piles set in an auger-cast secant wall that integrates grouts of two different strength and functions as a shoring wall, a permanent foundation wall, a below-grade groundwater cutoff wall, and a waterproofing barrier
  • Incorporated a seismic force resisting system with buckling-restrained braces and composite concrete-encased steel columns designed using nonlinear response-history analysis
  • Designed floors to limit walking-induced vibration to 2000 micro-inches per second
  • Designed a mat foundation that was placed in a continuous fourteen hour effort that involved an 11,000 cu yd, monolithic placement of concrete to minimize potential for water intrusion and reduce construction cost
  • Designed and observed waterproofing installation below-grade, raised plaza, balconies and roofs
  • Provided performance criteria and third-party commissioning for design-build curtain walls

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