314 Main Street
314 Main Street
314 Main Street

With its Kendall Square development, MIT creates a community for institutional resources and private companies. The new, eighteen-story building on Site 5 serves as a campus gateway, housing the MIT Museum, MIT Press bookstore and cafe, Boeing’s Aurora Flight Sciences research unit, and other tenants. MIT’s commitment to sustainability is evident with energy- and water-saving features, including insulated glazing, water reuse, and a chilled beam system. SGH provided building enclosure commissioning (BECx) services for the building featuring a distinctive, high-performance curtain wall system.


Scope | Solutions

As the building enclosure commissioning provider, SGH worked closely with the project team from the design documents phase through mockups, testing, construction, and occupancy to help MITIMCo achieve the desired building performance. Highlights of our work include the following:

  • Helping establish performance expectations by developing the BECx plan and specification and outlining testing requirements, roles and responsibilities for the project team, and procedures for documenting and resolving construction-related issues

  • Reviewing the enclosure design, including complex interfaces with adjacent construction and the unitized curtain wall and providing recommendations to improve performance, energy efficiency, and constructability

  • Participating in the design assist process and reviewing enclosure-related submittals, including requirements for the curtain wall, sensitive below-grade retail spaces, and accessible garden roofs

  • Visiting the curtain wall fabricator’s facility to help verify fabrication quality and guide the detailed mockup performance testing

  • Providing construction phase services, including coordinating commissioning activities, observing ongoing construction and performance testing, and helping resolve field concerns

  • Preparing a final BECx report summarizing completed work, construction deviations, and site observations

  • Performing a follow-up review of the enclosure ten months after occupancy

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