Beverly Hills, CA

Wilshire Rodeo Plaza


Wilshire Rodeo Plaza houses offices and flagship retails stores in the heart of the Golden Triangle in Beverly Hills. The roofs were nearing the end of their useful life and water was leaking into the building during rainstorms. SGH evaluated the condition of the roofs and helped the owner develop a plan to replace them.

SGH surveyed the roofs and made observations at exploratory openings to document the existing construction. We determined the roofs were deteriorated to varying degrees and all of them should be replaced.

We designed repairs, including replacing roofing on the three sections, detailed terminations, and designed intersections with building expansion joints. We also performed construction administration services, including reviewing submittals to compare with the design intent, observing ongoing construction to compare with the project requirements, and developing solutions for as-built conditions discovered during construction.

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Key team members

Amy Hackney
Amy Hackney
Building Technology Region Head, West