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War Memorial Pool Complex


The pool complex at the War Memorial Recreation Center was designed and built around 1955. The complex comprises three separate pools (a 31 ft diameter circular beginner’s pool, the 43 ft by 76 ft main pool, and a 33 ft by 41 ft diving well) sharing a surrounding reinforced concrete deck. SGH investigated the condition of the pool deck to help inform the city as they planned for renovations.

SGH surveyed the pool deck to identify areas of delamination, corrosion, and leakage. We used destructive and nondestructive methods, including half-cell, impact echo, hammer sounding, and ground penetrating radar. SGH performed laboratory testing and petrographic examinations on extracted concrete core samples to look for deleterious materials, such as chlorides and carbonation, and to observe the general condition of the concrete.

We determined the deterioration was due to long-term chloride contamination from the pool water and recommended repairs to the topside and underside of the pool deck. SGH developed conceptual repair options and estimated repair quantities to help the city in their budgeting for future renovations at the pool complex.

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Matthew Sherman
Matthew Sherman
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Paul Kelley
Paul Kelley
Senior Principal