Charlottesville, VA

University of Virginia, Old Medical School Building


The Old Medical School Building was constructed in the late 1920s to house medical school and hospital facilities for the university.  The building was designed by Shepley Bulfinch Abbott in the classical Jeffersonian style, which is prominent throughout the campus.  SGH conducted a condition assessment of the waterproofing systems and designed repairs to extend the useful life of the building.

The building entrance is marked by a grand portico and stair.  The existing portico and stair waterproofing systems were deteriorated and the interior space below showed signs of water damage.  UVA wanted to understand the condition of the waterproofing and the effects that would have on the structural components of the portico and the usability of the interior space below.

Working with a local architecture team, SGH investigated the condition and configuration of the existing portico and stair and their associated waterproofing systems.  We made observations at exploratory openings to document the condition of the existing waterproofing systems and performed water testing to identify the primary sources of water infiltration through the stairs and portico.

SGH prepared drawings and technical specifications for the removal and replacement of existing pavers, stair treads, mortar bed, and waterproofing membrane.  We worked with the contractor throughout the construction to solve issues identified in the field.

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