Silver Spring, MD

United Therapeutics, 1015 Spring Street


Needing additional space, United Therapeutics undertook a project to renovate an existing 15,000 sq ft building and construct a new 12,000 sq ft addition near their corporate headquarters. The project included removing the existing cladding and installing metal panel cladding on both the existing and new building, similarly to some of the other United Therapeutics structures in the neighborhood. Working for the owner’s representative, SGH consulted on the design and construction of the building enclosure.

SGH assisted the project team during the construction-phase of the project. Highlights of our work include:

  • Reviewing the design and submittals for the metal panel-clad wall assemblies, windows in punched openings, aluminum-framed curtain walls, and aluminum‑framed storefront assemblies, and the single-ply thermoplastic polyvinyl chloride roofing assembly
  • Recommending options for improving the building enclosure performance, including air leakage, water tightness, thermal performance, and constructibility
  • Performing water and air infiltration testing at windows and curtain walls, including chamber tests, to evaluate if the as-installed assemblies met the project’s performance requirements
  • Helping the project team address field conditions and issues that arose during construction, such as leakage around rooftop air handling units

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Key team members

Nicholas Piteo
Nicholas Piteo
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