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The Petersen Automotive Museum


Dedicated to demonstrating the art and innovation of the automobile, the Petersen Automotive Museum reopened after a year-long renovation as a building that is artwork in itself. The twenty-two new galleries showcase automotive history, industry, and art and a large showroom houses samples of some of the world’s finest vehicles. SGH consulted on the new building enclosure, featuring a striking facade of wavy stainless steel ribbons over a corrugated aluminum rainscreen.

The project included removing the existing mortar-set tile veneer cladding, installing a new air/water barrier and metal panels, and replacing the existing roofing. SGH consulted on the waterproofing and roofing assemblies and their incorporation with the new facade. We helped develop details for anchoring the corrugated metal siding through the existing walls and integrating the anchor locations with the new air and water barrier. Highlights of our work include the following:

  • Performed moisture migration computer modeling to assess the risk of condensation within the roof and exterior wall assemblies and long-term moisture damage due to diffusive vapor flow
  • Used the moisture migration analysis to determine the most appropriate air and water barrier and the most effective method for insulating the roof and wall assemblies
  • Assisted with developing design details for the roof and exterior wall waterproofing and issued sketches conveying the design intent for the enclosure components, including interfaces between adjacent systems and materials
  • Peer reviewed drawings and specifications related to our scope and issued a written summary of our review comments and recommendations
  • Observed as-built construction to compare with the design intent
  • Specified and observed performance testing for the corrugated siding subframe attachments through the existing concrete wall and parge coat

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Judson Taylor
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