Wethersfield, CT

StormTech, Inc., Stormwater Chambers


StormTech manufactures underground molded polypropylene chambers for stormwater retention systems.  With no design standards available for these structures, StormTech asked SGH to assess the structural performance of the chambers and develop design procedures.

Polypropylene is a thermoplastic with excellent durability, but with time-dependent strength and stiffness properties.  Highlights of our evaluation and analyses of the polypropylene chambers include the following:

  • Adapted AASHTO design procedures for thermoplastic pipe to the evaluate of the chambers
  • Conducted computer simulations under earth and live loading conditions
  • Monitored full-scale field tests to evaluate performance under live loads and earth loads in excess of those anticipated during service

Based on our work for this project, SGH authored ASTM F2418 standardizing design criteria and laboratory test methods.

Project Summary

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Stormtech, Division of Ads, Inc.
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Key team members

Jesse Beaver
Jesse Beaver
Head of Engineering Mechanics and Infrastructure