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Reservoir Place Garage


The two-level Reservoir Place parking garage offers 700 parking spaces below three levels of occupied office space and is critical to daily facility operations.  The below-grade garage, constructed in the mid-1980s, is a Filigree structure consisting of a cast-in-place concrete topping on prestressed concrete planks.  When the owner observed cracked and spalled concrete throughout the garage, they asked SGH to perform a condition assessment and develop a rehabilitation program to extend the useful life of the structure.

Based on our condition assessment, SGH prepared rehabilitation alternatives and construction cost estimates for the owner’s consideration and provided them with a cost/benefit analysis for each alternative.  We developed a rehabilitation program to repair damaged structural elements and prestressing strands and to protect the elevated parking deck with the application of a vehicular-traffic-bearing waterproofing system.  We customized the waterproofing system design to accommodate areas of widespread cracking and other areas of heavy use, such as turning areas and entrance/exit lanes.

To minimize disruption to building occupants during the work, SGH specified hydrodemolition to remove unsound concrete.  When the contractor needed to use pneumatic demolition equipment for certain structural elements, we installed seismographs and monitored vibrations.  Monitoring the impact of construction was especially important for a laser eye surgery center that houses sensitive equipment and was located directly above the construction zone.  In order to reduce odor transmissions into the occupied space, we coordinated mechanical system functions with the building engineer to verify that elevator shafts and stair towers were put under positive air pressure during waterproofing installation.

SGH also worked with the owner to develop construction phasing, which limited the loss of parking throughout the rehabilitation project.

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