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Prudential Gateway Center


Built in 1983 and 1987, Two and Three Gateway Center served as the headquarters of Prudential Real Estate.  The glass/metal curtain walls of these fifteen- and nineteen-story buildings suffered from nickel sulfide (NiS) induced spontaneous breakage of the fully tempered glass, as well as loss of adhesion of the structural silicone that adhered the glass to the metal curtain wall framing.  SGH utilized the results of wind tunnel testing to reduce the overall cost of the remedial design.

SGH used wind tunnel testing to determine probable wind loads on the glass.  By using the probable wind loads, which were lower than would otherwise be required by code, we were able to reduce the overall cost of the remedial design.  SGH developed and conducted an extensive field test program to evaluate the adequacy of the structural sealants that retained the glass and guide the remedial design.  ASTM International adopted this test method for inclusion in ASTM C1394 – Standard Guide for In Situ Structural Silicone Glazing Evaluation.

We also captured an origin of fracture to confirm the presence of NiS as the cause of spontaneous breakage.

With the results of the tests, SGH developed plans and specifications that served as the basis for competitive bidding and remedial construction.  We provided construction administration and field monitoring services during remedial construction.  Our investigative findings and comparison of bids were instrumental in obtaining a favorable settlement of the litigation.

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Mehdi Zarghamee
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