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Paramus Park Mall


Corrugated metal storm drain pipes running beneath the Paramus Mall parking lot were severely corroded and deflected. SGH investigated the pipes’ condition and developed rehabilitation options that would help minimize disruption to the mall.

SGH assessed the internal condition of the corrugated metal storm drains and determined the pipes were deteriorated from corrosion and deflected due to settlement of the building foundation.

We recommended sliplining the existing pipe with a corrosion-resistant high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe. This option provided sufficient structural capacity to span pile caps, while optimizing hydraulic function with low profile butt-fused joints. SGH developed details and specifications for the sliplining work.

To minimize disruption to mall operations, the sliplining work was performed mostly during the night hours. Two 30 in. dia., 300 ft long pipe runs were each successfully lined in a single night of work. SGH provided construction administration services, engineering consulting to address field issues, and field monitoring of the work.

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