Providence, RI

Providence Place Mall Parking Garages


The Providence Place Mall opened in 1999 with two parking structures named Cityside and Stateside.  The two garages are multi-level precast concrete structures adjoining the mall.  The garages exhibited chronic, premature cracking and spalling of the concrete around precast double-tee flange-to-flange connections as well as other common parking structure deterioration and distress.  SGH assessed the condition of the garages and designed remedial work.

Our condition assessment included the following scope of work:

  • Review of structural and architectural design drawings and specifications and of previous condition assessments and repairs
  • Visual survey and sounding of the parking decks
  • Observations at exploratory openings at double-tee flange-to-flange connections

SGH determined the cracking and spalling at the flange-to-flange connections was due to prying action under heavier-than-anticipated wheel loads.  We developed an innovative connection repair detail that eliminates the prying action and prevents cracking and spalling of the repaired connections.

We also developed alternatives for repair and protection of the parking decks, helped the owner select the most suitable alternative, prepared construction documents suitable for bidding and construction, and provided construction administration services that included developing construction phasing that minimized disruption of normal garage/mall operations.

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