Roxbury, MA

Passive House, 140 Centre Street


Like all Placetailor projects, the Fort Hill Passive House is built with a focus on energy efficiency and sustainable building practices.  SGH designed the structure for the five-unit, multifamily building.

The project includes the following passive strategies:

  • Highly insulated and airtight enclosure with careful detailing to minimize thermal bridging
  • Balanced continuous ventilation with energy recovery
  • Efficient mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems
  • Hot water panels on roof for solar gain

SGH designed the wood-framed structure and highlights of our design include the following:

  • Sustainably harvested wood
  • Wood framing spaced at 24 in. o.c. to reduce material usage compared to typical 16 in. o.c. spacing
  • Stud walls with interior and exterior stud walls, creating an interstitial space for continuous cellulose insulation between the planes
  • Interior stud wall located inboard of the retaining wall, allowing for a thinner retaining wall and minimizing the volume of concrete
  • Wood-framed, roof trusses with open webs, providing a cavity for continuous cellulose insulation
  • Roof and floor sheathing that cantilevers over the interior stud wall, minimizing the thermal bridge to the exterior wall
  • Use of foam glass isolators at structural bearing locations, reducing thermal losses through the structure

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Passive House

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John Thomsen
John Thomsen
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