Stockton, CA

NuStar Marine Oil Terminal


Stockton Berth 10/11 supports heavy lift, container, general cargo, and dry bulk operations. NuStar Energy wanted to upgrade the existing facility to create a new MOTEMS-compliant marine oil terminal at the multi-use berth, but introducing liquid bulk transfer operations to an existing wharf made this project a first of its kind. SGH successfully demonstrated the adequacy of the shared 1950s wharf to safely support new oil transfer operations and developed a design for the new terminal accepted by the California State Lands Commission.

SGH performed nonlinear structural analyses to demonstrate that the existing wharf’s structural and seismic capacity was adequate to support the proposed use.
We consulted on the structural, mechanical, and process design for the new marine oil terminal. Our work included developing initial concepts and project scoping, designing marine structures and infrastructure, designing new oil transfer and fire suppression systems, and assisting with regulatory compliance planning for marine oil terminal operations. Highlights of our design for the new terminal include:

  • Buried vaults housing critical oil transfer equipment capable of supporting large live loads when closed and not in use
  • A MOTEMS-compliant fire suppression system that is resilient to cargo handling operations and heavy equipment operating on the wharf
  • Quick-release mooring hooks
  • A portable, floating fender system for oil tankers and barges

By effectively demonstrating the existing 1950 wharf only required minor improvements to safely support liquid bulk transfer operations, SGH was able to help NuStar Energy avoid constructing all new marine infrastructure.

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William Bruin
William Bruin
Structural Engineering Division Head, San Francisco Bay Area